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July 18th, 2017    

EP 147: Team Burk from American Grit

This Episode is dedicated to George A Romero, RIP and Thank you for Night, Dawn, Day and more of the Living Dead

Spin and Chief are back with another podcast from the hit Fox show American Grit! This week they are joined by the Cadre of the Blue Team John Burk and Team Blue member Hannah! Also Team Blue member Melanie and Team Green member Herman crash the episode and join in on the fun. Talking about how Burk felt about being a Cadre, what was his style of leadership, did he get into it with the other Cadre and more? Hannah, Melanie and Herman tell us about their experiences at Camp Grit, Hannah's trip to the ER, Melanie shaving her head and how cold was the water?

Don't miss this Grit Episode!!

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July 11th, 2017    

EP 146: Why We Love Jaboody Studios

Spin and the Chief have been delving hard into the twitch streams of Jaboody Studios. They are the reason the boys have loved GTA V and the guys are showing the love. They talk about their favorite characters Jerry Curl, Peter Blump and Joe Mullet, why the Jaboody Boys are the best on the internet and why it has been hard for Spin to get his work done due to laughing so hard.

Also updates on Spin's new streaming videos, more American Grit, Castlevania on Netflix and more!


July 4th, 2017    

EP 145: American Grit Season 2 w/Jon Kroll and Shermon Braithwaite

American Grit is Back! The Fox show testing people grit and helping them get it back is 4 episodes deep so far and returning for his 3rd time is ACTION PRODUCER Jon Kroll and American Grit Contestant Shermon Braithwaite. We talk the casting process for this season and why its different from last year. Shermon's first day on the show and his thoughts on the other contestants, why Spin is getting mad at the Marine Cadre, is John Cena a cyborg (confirmation maybe from Shermon?) and much more.

Plus a special appearance by Velvet Revolver Guitarist Dave Kushner (big thank you to Mrs. Kroll!)

So much in this episode you don't want to miss it!!


June 27th, 2017    

EP 144: Super Nintendo Mini Classic

This week the guys talk about the recently announced SNES Mini that will be launched in September. They take a look at the 21 games that will be on the console including the never before released Star Fox 2. Spin talks about his plan to be first in line to get one, how the layout of games mirrors and differs from what was put on the NES mini and what they want on a Genesis and 64 mini. They also talk about DC comics event Metal and the recently released Dark Days The Forge issue, Negan and the Walking Dead Comic, Marvel and More.


June 22nd, 2017    

EP 143: E3 2017

The Renegades are back this week and they are talking E3 2017! Now they are not talking everything like most shows, they are only talking what they liked and what they want to play. So up on deck is Spider-Man, South Park the Fractured But Whole, Days Gone, God of War, Metroid, Mario Odyssey, Sonic Forces, Sonic Mania and Call of Cthulhu! Honest opinions on why these games peak their interest and why they hope these games will be good.


June 13th, 2017    

EP 142: Grand Theft Renegades

The Renegades have a new episode this week! First they pay their respects to the recently departed Adam West and reminisce about his Batman. Then they get into their new obsession with Grand Theft Auto V and it's online mode. They discuss the mods to be able to go on RP servers, why people on the game are assholes, Spin's weird experience with a hacker in the game and why it's always fun to have a rocket launcher. Also the guys talk and bring to your attention the Ballad of Joe Mullet the dirt bag homeless GTA hero.


June 6th, 2017    

EP 141: Lady Titan Tanya Tate!

The Renegades are joined this week by the amazing Tanya Tate. Eleven-time MILF of the Year award-winner Tanya Tate launched her adult entertainment career in late 2008 when the former office worker decided on a whim to spice-up her life. Tanya quickly became a popular performer in the MILF genre. Tanya has become a noted “geek” personality stemming from her high profile hobby of cosplay and pop-culture blog, Tanya has a 5-inch stylized figure of her superhero character, Lady Titan that’s which available for fans. On top of her impressive career as an adult actress, Tanya is also the owner and operator of the public relations firm; Star Factory PR. Representing some of the hottest performers in adult, Tanya Tate has proven to be a remarkable success in all facets of the adult industry. Tanya Tate is unstoppable! In a few short years she has taken the adult industry by storm.


May 30th, 2017    

EP 140: Renegadevania 3 Dracula’s Curse

The Renegades are back after Chief's brush with death and Spin's adventure into the underworld to reclaim his soul. This week the guys are talking the upcoming Castlevania series based off of Castlevania 3 that will be hitting Netflix on July 7. They also discuss Injustice 2 and characters they would like to see in the game as well as why more Superhero games are not taking a cue from the arkham series? Also some talk about recent walking dead issues and whats coming up in the next few weeks. Also Chief's honest thoughts on Ghostbusters 2016. 


May 16th, 2017    

EP 139: Gargoyles 1972

In another fan poll the fans asked Chief and I to watch the 1972 made for TV horror film Gargoyles. This is a campy, funny, nonsensical horror film that Chief has now watched it 6 times in a week. We break it down, talk the effects, the costume, and the old man with the red "make america great again" hat Also the guys talk about the new trailer for The Gifted, the X-Men tv show and Spin rants about how Archie never had sexual relations with Ms. Grundy and that leads to how the Renegades would have written the CW show Riverdale.


May 9th, 2017    

EP138: Fan Poll: Robinson Crusoe on Mars

You Spoke! We Listened! After a twitter poll you the fans chose a movie for Chief and Spin to watch and review and you chose the 1964 Sci-Fi epic Robinson Crusoe on Mars. Spin and Chief break down why this was the Martian before the Martian was a thing. Long before Matt Damon had to be saved again, Commander Kit Draper was lost on Mars with only his monkey Mona and a rescues slave Friday for company, oh and the hallucination of Adam West. 

Also a little FCBD talk and why the Walking Dead is alienating fans!


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