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May 30th, 2017    

EP 140: Renegadevania 3 Dracula’s Curse

The Renegades are back after Chief's brush with death and Spin's adventure into the underworld to reclaim his soul. This week the guys are talking the upcoming Castlevania series based off of Castlevania 3 that will be hitting Netflix on July 7. They also discuss Injustice 2 and characters they would like to see in the game as well as why more Superhero games are not taking a cue from the arkham series? Also some talk about recent walking dead issues and whats coming up in the next few weeks. Also Chief's honest thoughts on Ghostbusters 2016. 


May 16th, 2017    

EP 139: Gargoyles 1972

In another fan poll the fans asked Chief and I to watch the 1972 made for TV horror film Gargoyles. This is a campy, funny, nonsensical horror film that Chief has now watched it 6 times in a week. We break it down, talk the effects, the costume, and the old man with the red "make america great again" hat Also the guys talk about the new trailer for The Gifted, the X-Men tv show and Spin rants about how Archie never had sexual relations with Ms. Grundy and that leads to how the Renegades would have written the CW show Riverdale.


May 9th, 2017    

EP138: Fan Poll: Robinson Crusoe on Mars

You Spoke! We Listened! After a twitter poll you the fans chose a movie for Chief and Spin to watch and review and you chose the 1964 Sci-Fi epic Robinson Crusoe on Mars. Spin and Chief break down why this was the Martian before the Martian was a thing. Long before Matt Damon had to be saved again, Commander Kit Draper was lost on Mars with only his monkey Mona and a rescues slave Friday for company, oh and the hallucination of Adam West. 

Also a little FCBD talk and why the Walking Dead is alienating fans!


May 3rd, 2017    

EP 137: The Cinema Snob

Brad Jones, also known as the Cinema Snob, joins the guys this week for some movie madness. Brad tells us about his new movie Jesus Bro! and how the concept came about to make a religious movie parody. We also talk about the history of the Cinema Snob, some of his favorite reviews, some of the worst movies he has ever seen and he and Spin talk a little Caligula. This episode is not only Renegade Approved but also Lloyd Approved!

Jesus Bro! is not on Vimeo on Demand and DVD at

The Stoned Gremlin Productions Website:

Follow Brad on Twitter @TheCinemaSnob


April 25th, 2017    

EP 136: Mystery Science Theater 3000

The newest season of one of Spin and Chief's favorite shows Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back and on Netflix. The guys talk about the show, the movies they riffed and how it feels just like the original, especially with Joel at the helm. They discuss which movies of the new series were great and a few that were misses. How they feel about Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt joining the cast and give recommendations of past episodes to check out. All about the Satellite of Love!


April 18th, 2017    

EP 135: Miss Dolly Leigh

Dolly Leigh joins the Renegades this week for a slew of nerdy goodness. She discusses how she got into the adult business, how she got into comics, what does she think of Mass Effect Andromeda, her favorite type of horror films and why she has a Pro Wrestling Wiki page? Dolly is an amazing person that will have you engaged in the conversation from beginning to end. An avid fan of comics and video games she discusses how she got into both and what she is currently reading and playing.


Follow Dolly on Twitter @MissDollyLeigh


April 11th, 2017    

EP 134: Split/It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Split is being called the return of Shyamalan and the Renegades have finally see it. What did they think of this return to form and how did they feel about the twist ending? The guys also look at one of their favorite shows currently on your screens in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia! They discuss the characters, their wacky adventures and why this show if you like dark humor is the one for you. Also they ask WHERE IS THE 1998 MULAN SZECHUAN SAUCE!


April 5th, 2017    

EP 133: The Death of Marvel?

After a week off due to illness the guys are back and are talking about the recent news coming from Marvel comics. The books aren't selling and blame is being put on various reasons, but what do the guys think? Why do they think the books aren't selling? What would they like to see happen? Why is DC Rebirth doing so much better than Marvels array of books? Is Chief canceling all his Marvel subscriptions? All these answered and remember these are our opinions!


March 21st, 2017    

EP 132: The Immortal Iron Fist

The final Netflix series from Marvel before the Defenders is here and the guys have watched every episode. They give their thoughts on Iron Fist and a little bit about some of the backlash. They discuss a theory of his creation, easter eggs in the show, what they want to see from Marvel and Netflix next and of course upcoming comic solicitations. Also Spin gives his thoughts on the upcoming Disney Afternoon Collection coming from Capcom and his current progress in Batman Arkham Knight. 


March 14th, 2017    

EP 131: Cinemassacre’s Mike Matei

Mike Matei joins the Renegades this week and there is a lot to talk about. Mike tells us about the new AVGN X2 blu-ray and AVGN DVD's that are now available on Amazon. We talk The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and his recent streaming of it. We also talk about how Mike and Ryan came to be, Ryan's streaming, James and Mike Mondays, Ducktales, Star Trek and the history of AVGN from Mike's perspective. This is a retro filled episode that you don't want to miss. 


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