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April 5th, 2017    

EP 133: The Death of Marvel?

After a week off due to illness the guys are back and are talking about the recent news coming from Marvel comics. The books aren't selling and blame is being put on various reasons, but what do the guys think? Why do they think the books aren't selling? What would they like to see happen? Why is DC Rebirth doing so much better than Marvels array of books? Is Chief canceling all his Marvel subscriptions? All these answered and remember these are our opinions!


March 21st, 2017    

EP 132: The Immortal Iron Fist

The final Netflix series from Marvel before the Defenders is here and the guys have watched every episode. They give their thoughts on Iron Fist and a little bit about some of the backlash. They discuss a theory of his creation, easter eggs in the show, what they want to see from Marvel and Netflix next and of course upcoming comic solicitations. Also Spin gives his thoughts on the upcoming Disney Afternoon Collection coming from Capcom and his current progress in Batman Arkham Knight. 


March 14th, 2017    

EP 131: Cinemassacre’s Mike Matei

Mike Matei joins the Renegades this week and there is a lot to talk about. Mike tells us about the new AVGN X2 blu-ray and AVGN DVD's that are now available on Amazon. We talk The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and his recent streaming of it. We also talk about how Mike and Ryan came to be, Ryan's streaming, James and Mike Mondays, Ducktales, Star Trek and the history of AVGN from Mike's perspective. This is a retro filled episode that you don't want to miss. 


March 7th, 2017    

EP 130: Is Arkham the Best Superhero Game Series?

The Renegades, now in the current generation of console gaming, have gone back and are tackling Batman Arkham Knight. The guys this week discuss the Arkham series. Why it is the best superhero games ever made, what other games should be made in this style, some really bad superhero games, the entire Lego Marvel roster and more. They also discuss possible upcoming games they will be playing together as they incorporate more gaming into the Renegade arsenal.


February 28th, 2017    

EP 129: Lovecraft in Warcraft

The guys take a look at the Old Gods of World of Warcraft this week. They discuss the homages to H.P. Lovecraft found within the game from Yogg Saron, N'Zoth and the other Old Gods, to the faceless ones. Chief also gets an education into the world that is Warcraft, some other pop culture references found within the game and how he can start his Journey through Azeroth. 


February 21st, 2017    

EP 128: Resident Evil 7 Review and Series Retrospect

Resident Evil 7 is a return to form for this Survival Horror Series and both Spin and Chief have played through the entire game! What did they like? What could be better? Why does Spin have to ask real world questions about a game? How does it match to other games in the series and will Spin and Chief, the masters of unlocking, become a Renegade Sandwich?


February 14th, 2017    

EP 127: Skyler Nicole

The Renegades are back and this week adult actress Skyler Nicole joins us to talk her nerdy passions. We talk movies, video games, her favorite genre of games, anime and a bit about her time in the business. She was recently at the AVN awards so we talk about her experience, her experiences with fans and how women of color are better represented in the industry today.

Also in Nerd News: The Castlevania Netflix Series, Spin gets a PS4 finally and Kevin Smith working on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot!


February 7th, 2017    

EP 126: YouTube Recommendations

After many weeks of guests, the guys slow it down this week by talking about some of their favorite YouTube channels. Channels mentioned such as Phelous, The Lonely Goomba, Snowwalker Prime, Stoned Gremlin Productions, Pat the NES Pun, Channel Awesome, Jaboody Dubs and even Gaming Rebellion creators Brasel the Gamer and Cannot Be Tamed. Also what movies get merchandise tie ins and why others don't.

Check out the YouTube channels!

The Lonely Goomba


Channel Awesome

Stoned Gremlin Productions

Pat The NES Punk


Snowwalker Prime

Brasel the Gamer

Cannot Be Tamed


January 31st, 2017    

EP 125: House of Flying Scalpels 5

The Renegades are deeply saddened by the passing of John Hurt, in his remembrance we have him reciting the Jabberwocky  poem from Alice in Wonderland.

Then it's another 25 episodes in the books and as per tradition Kulbir the lord of the House of Flying Scapels returns to talk some comics with us. We talk DC Rebirth, whats going on at Marvel, Image, the House's Annual awards, his new writings on Art, Musicals and Wrestling. Yes we talk NXT, the WWE Royal Rumble (episode recorded before the event) so we gave our predictions as we saw it before the event, the match between Okada and Omega at Wrestle Kingdom and More.


January 24th, 2017    

EP 124: COLECO Partner Chris Cardillo

This week the guys are using a conference call recorder to talk with COLECO Partner Chris Cardillo. We discuss what happened last year with the Retro VGS also known as the COLECO Chameleon, the future of COLECO, how Chris is trying to make sure the COLECO name continues to mean quality and of the upcoming COLECO Expo taking place in August in New Jersey. All straight from the man who was there and is bringing more great retro games to you. 


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